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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is your minimum quantity? Do you provide samples?

Any quantity for custom boxes, even one to thousands. Stock boxes are available in bundle/bale quantities.

We will provide samples for local customers to pick up free of charge, for customers who can’t pick up there will be a small charge which will be credited back on first order.  Note: Samples are not available for all items.

Are there any additional die board or print plate charges?

No our machines do not require the use of a die board or print plate.

What’s your lead time?

Depending upon the quantity for custom boxes it could be in some cases same day or our typical lead time is 3 business days. Custom boxes can range from a couple of hours to 5-7 days. Most inventory Packaging items are readily available. Some items will be available in 3 days

Can I pick up my order? Do you deliver? Is there a Delivery cost?

There is no cost for customer pickup at our warehouse. We also deliver. Rates vary pending on final destination.

Is there a sales rep. that covers my area?

Yes, we have representatives that cover Wisconsin and the United States.

For additional questions, please contact us!

Thanks! Message sent.

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