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Did you know you can ship just about anything in a box?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

There’s a box for nearly any size or shape item.

If you need to ship your product, there is a box for you.

How to measure a box, so you’ll know how to pick the right box size and style for your specific needs

Before you place a large order for custom boxes, you need to make sure you’re ordering the right size. And simply eye-balling your measurements isn’t going to cut it. Request a sample from a corrugated box manufacturer like Small Quantity Boxes.

The important thing to remember when measuring your product for a box there are 3 measurements Length-Width-Depth(Height)

Often times measurements can be close, but you need to know the ID (Inside Dimensions) to avoid costly mistakes. You’d hate to be just a ½ inch off, and not be able to fit any of your products in the box.

When you’re measuring for a custom box, referring to the ID (Inside Dimensions)you should measure to the closest 1/8 of an inch. That’s pretty precise, so double-check your numbers and always round up. The box can still work if it is slightly to big, but it wont work if it is to small.

Now the exterior measurement of the box, will determine your shipping costs. With the likes of UPS / FEDEX  You need the outside dimensions if you’re shipping in bulk, the exterior measurements will give you an idea of how many boxes you can fit on a pallet.

Of course, the number one deciding factor on which box you need comes down to what products you’re selling.

You need a box that physically fits your items.

Know the dimensions of your products. Yes, this involves more measuring (length, width, and height).

You’ll also have to decide the most efficient way to fit your product in a box.  

If you’re shipping something like a rug, you may decide to roll it up and put it in a long, narrow box, there’s not a one box fits all – even for similar products, However with different interior packaging protecting various products you may use the same size box.

When using interior packaging make sure your product is secure and it doesn’t move.

But, also make sure your box isn’t too big. Packing a single mug in an extra large box makes zero sense. Who wants to pay to ship air? The right size box should provide a snug fit, so your product isn’t rattling around in there.

If the product is breakable, you’ll have to take some extra steps to secure it. You can use void fill like corrugated inserts, air pillows, crinkle-cut paper, bubble wrap, or biodegradable peanuts to cushion it.  

Be sure to adhere to any requirements your shipper has. You may even want to have your carrier approve the box and the way it is packed.  You’d hate for your insurance claim to the be denied because your item was improperly packed

In conclusion….

No matter what size, or odd-shaped item you need to ship to a customer, you can bet there’s a box that will get it there in one piece and in style.  

So, measure away and find the right boxes for your unique products

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