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Looking for a Corrugated Display

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Are you looking for a display to show and sell your product in a retail setting?

Not sure what material to construct it out of? Have you ever considered using corrugate material for your Point Of Purchase (POP) display?

At SQB we create custom display solutions that help your product stand out. We can either design something for you or, if you have a concept or sketch of what you want, we will help bring it to reality!

At SQB, we specialize in using corrugated material for POP displays. Why use corrugated material versus wood or plastic?

· Corrugated displays are cost effective, easy to store, ship and set up.

Corrugated is a renewable resource and can be made with 100% recyclable material.

· Corrugated POP displays are flexible and strong. They can be cut and glued in almost

any shape and size to creatively display your product. Corrugated Point Of Purchase displays can give a warmer feeling compared to plastic, wood or steel. From a branding perspective are totally customizable.

· Due to the cost-effective nature of corrugated displays, companies can swap out displays to meet the changing needs of the seasons (New Years, Christmas, etc.) or different promotional campaigns. Same brand but different eye-catching displays.

Small Quantity Boxes can print and wrap your product-specific branded display and have it ready to hit the floor as soon as it’s delivered and filled with items for sale for that particular season.

How are corrugated POP display materials constructed? They are made up of 3 or more layers. The fluted middle runs between the inside and outside facings. The fluted shape in the middle provides strength, allowing it to hold up better than cardboard.

As you can see, corrugated displays work well for many types of custom POP displays like merchandising displays, life-size stand-ups and floor displays, and even pole topper displays. They can be used for seasonal or promotional merchandising display. Corrugated gives the display strength to withstand the constant interaction between the consumer and the display.

No matter what your needs or wants are for POP displays, SQB has the expertise to help you create the best corrugated display to help your brand be seen.

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