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Kraft Boxes Vs White Boxes

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Why choose kraft for your boxes?

Beyond being environmentally sustainable, the brown paper look of kraft communicates the idea of natural, handmade, or homespun—in essence it's a "crafty" look.

Kraft is great for printing dark and bold colors, but the finished box will not necessarily have the same color intensity as printing on white.

You often see black or another deep, rich color printed on kraft. When you design with lighter colors, you may see the natural brown cardboard color underneath your printing—consider this an asset and work it.

Why choose standard white for your boxes? Standard white (also referred to as mottled/kla white) is the everyday white corrugated material used for packaging. Standard white has a slight variation in the whiteness as you can see some of the kraft pulp fibers show through if you look closely.

Printed colors really pop on a white background, with colors appearing brighter and more "true."

Dennis TeGrootenhuis


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