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The Digital World in Corrugated.

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Over the past years digital printing has taken the printing industry by storm, there are very few boundaries in the digital world. The initial cost to invest in the digital world can be expensive even for a smaller printer. The savings come in setups, man power and getting it right the first time. Digital printing is by far more flexible than flexo printing, it has the flexibility to customize and add personal touches to any box.

With constant changing technology you can take any picture in multiple colors and bring it to life. More time can now be spent designing, being creative, with no wait period of ordering print plates for flexo printing. Digital printing technology allows all colors to be printed in a single pass, it now is print-on-demand in the industry.

The trend for personalization, customizing your package, and with JIT_”Just In Time” deliveries has been building for many years, and now has a major industry impact in 2020. The market is on a trend globally to reach $28 billion, proving to be a major trend change in the packaging world. Many of the top product brands have explored personalized packaging and found a significant return on this innovative marketing investment. One report cites that 70% of marketers believe personalization has a strong or extremely strong impact on their customers.

There’s no one-size-fits-all in personalized packaging. In fact, that’s the core philosophy behind this trend. Personalization allows a company to promote their name and brand in a forceful way that stands out from their competitors without a big invest of print plates.

This is a big advantage for small businesses who now can compete with larger company’s when selling their product. It also helps larger company’s who can have their larger orders printed split up with various personalized printing with ease and on demand. An example is Coca-Cola when they personalize the cans with individual names. All the cans can be printed on the same large run. I know this isn’t corrugated boxes, however it easily could be.

Personalized packaging can tell a brand’s story. Consumers can relate to stories as much as they do to brand names. When you present your packaging in a story-like way it will connect on an individual level, the product becomes irresistible. Personalization is a top 2020 packaging trend, and it’s sure to stay around for a while

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