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Ways Custom Boxes Can Elevate Your Brand Awareness

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Customizing a box for shipping or mailing a product can help with your company's branding initiatives. One easy way to do this is through printing and graphics. When done properly, plain corrugated boxes can be turned into an opportunity where your customer has a wonderful experience. This positive experience makes the company’s brand memorable.

Custom printed boxes immediately put your brand in front of your customer and in turn put your company at the top of their mind. This can be accomplished in an effective and relatively affordable way.

Using unique patterns, colors, and images help attract attention and causes customers to recognize the brand and product. A custom printed box with a company’s logo on it helps customers remember your company.

With the vast majority of people in the United States shopping online regularly, driving consumers to your website is crucial to help your sales. Custom printed boxes that are easily recognized improve your brand’s presence by increasing the number of people you are reaching - From the delivery man to your customer, to the person walking by the mailroom in an apartment complex- your brand will be noticed by a large number of potential consumers you might not have attracted if you were using plain shipping cartons.

Having your unique branding repeatedly shown to potential customers via custom packaging will cause your company’s name or logo to become more recognizable to them, which is invaluable in increasing sales. Seeing your company name on the packaging lets the consumer know their purchase has arrived and can create a feeling of excitement before they even take the product out of the box. This excitement coupled with your company name or logo is the first thing they see that helps build that relationship with your customers.

Delighting your customers through a personal experience can result in them telling others about your business in the future, e.g. they become a Brand Advocate. With a growing number of print methods available in the packaging world, there is an option to fit every budget. Boosting your visual branding with custom printed boxes will increase awareness of your company and is likely to result in additional sales, making them cost-effective in the end.

You may be surprised by the benefits custom printed boxes brings. A box can be worth so much more to your business than just something to transport your products in. Just having your logo on the box will grab your customer’s attention, and put your brand top of mind when your product arrives at your customer.

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